October 2014 exhibition at ASS220 Reading Room

Navigation between the known and unknown creates compositions that are awkwardly ajar. I peak into this ambiguos space with the goal of reaching new ground.

  • BUTTERCUP detail
  • BUTTERCUP, detail
  • INTERTIDAL, 20x20"
  • PICNIC, mixed media with fabric on board, 20x20" August 2014
  • UNWRAPPED, 12X12"
  • UNDERLING, 12x12"
  • LICORICE WAVES, 6x4 1/2"
  • Three on shelf, PEACHY, CLOAKED IN SNOW, SEED OUTPOST. each 4x41/2"
  • DORIC, Collage on styrofoam packaging with rock
  • INTERTIDAL, detail
  • UPLAND, hinged diptych
  • UNDERLING detail

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