Small-scale collages

I often gravitate to small works. It can be about warming up or closing down and using leftover materials. The mere act of it being an aside out of the spotlight brings a lot of joy into the process. In December 2015 a series of my small works were included in Parachute Games at Yellow Peril Gallery.

  • Glow Band Gesture, mixed media collage, 5 x 7" October 2016
  • Peachy Elipse, mixed media collage, 5 x 5" October 2016
  • folded in
  • cloaked in snow
  • FAIR SKINNED, paint, fabric, embroidery, and a coin. March 2017
  • seed outpost
  • pink in the center
  • Majesty, mixed media collage with beads, 6 x 8" October 2016

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