Boxes and Objects

Beginning in 2010 I made a few objects. Then I made more. I began using what is in my recycling bin. Repurposing used boxes and collected oddities helps me play and experiment.

  • BOUYED, Marine object, painted paper and thread, 2010
  • Pair of Spheres, 2 1/2" cubes paint, fabric, pencil and oil pastel on Tampon boxes
  • Reaching, 5 x 5" Paint, oil pastel of a cracker box
  • Cocoons, 4 x 5" Fabric, paint, oil pastel on a cracker box
  • Collection of boxes made this winter and spring 2012
  • Egg-Rock-Flying Saucer, 4 x 8 x 2" Paint, kitchen sponge, fabric on box
  • Untitled orb boxes of various sizes
  • BLOSSOM ON A BOLT & SHELL TANGLE, hardware, fabric, shells, reeds and painted box, 2010
  • full view FLOWERED MANTEL, 2010 Sarah Doyle Gallery Brown University
  • ORNAMENT & CHANGING, painted glove, ball and leather coin purse, 2010
  • Little Guys, all roughly 2" scale, rock, paint, foam, paper, thread, found plastic
  • FRAGILE TOTEM, pink foam board, paint, fabric, twigs, hardware
  • detail of Flowered Mantel Installation, painted objects, watercolor and frames, 2010

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